At the beginning of the academic year Form 1 children receive weekly spelling homework which involves learning a new sound pattern for a test the following week. The homework also incorporates a handwriting exercise as part of the task. As the academic year progresses a second homework activity will also be given, focusing on maths or science work.

Form 2 children continue to build on their spelling knowledge through a handwriting and spelling activity each week. Two further homeworks are set each week, focusing principally on maths, science or topic work.

Pupils should spend a maximum of twenty minutes working on any one piece of homework


Pupils should spend a maximum of thirty minutes working on any one piece of homework.

All children should read for a minimum of fifteen minutes per night.

Children may stay and complete their homework in the after-school Prep sessions which run from 4.30 to 5.30pm after the children have been given tea. There is a small charge for this.