Upton House School has an important set of policies and rules in place at all times. These procedures allow us to make sure that the school offers the best learning environment, fun and most of all safe for all our pupils and staff.

Below you can find our rules and policies listed. All policies are available for download, if you have any questions or would like to request a printed copy, please feel free to get in contact with us

School Rules | School Policies

School Rules

  • At Upton House, children respect each other as individuals, respect each other’s property, and respect the School’s facilities. They are a credit to the School at all times.
  • Upton House children show kindness and support others.
  • Upton House children do not steal or vandalise others’ property.
  • Upton House children do not smoke or involve themselves with alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • At Upton House bullying is unacceptable in any form.
  • No Upton House child may leave the school premises unless accompanied by a teacher or other member of staff or a parent/guardian.
  • Movement around the School and between lessons should be orderly and considerate to others.
  • Children may only eat in the dining room.  They can have their break time snack in their classroom if there is no outside play.
  • All medication must be handed in to the matron, or in her absence, to the school office.
  • Uniform, dress and appearance:  Children should wear full school uniform smartly and according to the lists issued by the school office.  Children should always wear the type of shoes specified in the uniform lists for boys and girls.  All clothing and watches should be named clearly.  Analogue watches are allowed from Form 2 and digital watches may be worn from Form 5.  Children’s hair should be neat and, for girls, worn off the face.  Children should not wear jewellery except for small gold stud earrings which must be removed for PE. Children should not wear make-up or nail polish, except as permitted in dramatic productions.
  • The School cannot accept responsibility for any child’s personal valuable items, and these should not be brought into the School. Parents or guardians are responsible for the proper insurance of any such items.
  • Upton House children attend punctually every day during term-time and any absence for whatever reason must be reported promptly to the school office. 
  • Upton House children use emails and the internet properly, in accordance with instructions issued by the IT Co-ordinator. No mobile phones, tablets or other electronic hand held devices should come to school.

School Policies

If you would like to view more policies, please get in touch with the school office.