The academic year for Upton House School is comprised of three terms, Autumn, Spring and Summer.

Below you can see our term dates for the academic year. If you would like to view all the events we have available for the pupils and community, please take a look at our School Calendar.


Autumn Term 2018
Staff InsetMonday 3rd September
Staff InsetTuesday 4th September
Term BeginsWednesday 5th September
Half TermMonday 22nd October-Friday 2nd November
Term EndsFriday 14th December
Spring Term 2019
Staff InsetFriday 4th January
Staff InsetMonday 7th January
Term BeginsTuesday 8th January
Half TermMonday 18th February-Friday 22nd February
Term EndsFriday 5th April
Summer Term 2019
Staff Inset Friday 26th April
Staff InsetMonday 29th April
Term BeginsTuesday 30th April
Half TermMonday 27th May-Friday 31st May
Term Ends Friday 12th July


Autumn Term 2019
Staff InsetThursday 5th September
Staff InsetFriday 6th September
Staff InsetMonday 9th September
Term BeginsTuesday 10th September
Half TermMonday 21st October-Friday 1st November
Term EndsFriday 13th December