We are lucky to have an incredibly active, resourceful and helpful Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at Upton House.

The PTA help advance the education of pupils at Upton House by developing effective relationships between the staff, parents and others associated to the school.

The PTA engages in activities and provide facilities and equipment which support the school. Just in the last year, their support has provided the school with a new mini bus, new astroturf to replace our lawn, and top of the range microphones and sound system for the school hall.

Previously the PTA have raised money for extras such as the new play surfaces, Teletubby Hill, awnings for the Nursery, library books, Numicom mathematical equipment and a garden parasol.

Events include the Christmas Fair, the summer Family Festival Day, nearly new uniform sales, BBQs, quiz nights and the biannual ball.

Take a look at our calendar to see this year's events.


Masquerade Ball                                  Friday 27th April

The online auction will be LIVE  on Friday 20thApril so you can get your bids in early. Please share with family or friend if you see any items that they may wish to bid on. www.uptonball.co.uk


Open Air Cinema Night                       Friday 8th June

"The Greatest Showman"

Bring a picnic and see this amazing film in an open-air screening. Tickets will go on sale soon via the parent portal. Tickets will be £10 for adults and £7 for children.                        


Take your Daddy for a Walk               Sunday 10th June

This is for all you Upton House Dads to get together and have a nice walk with your children - with some surprises on the way!


Family Festival Day                              Sunday 24th June

A very exciting new event replacing the Summer Fête. More details to follow shortly.


Nearly New Uniform Sale                    Monday 2nd July 2-4pm


We are always looking for more event ideas so please let us know if you have any!