Below, you can find our list of frequently asked question regarding admissions.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist.

What makes Upton House School unique?

Its international, family feel. We teach more languages here than any other prep school, we have the broadest curriculum, specialist teachers at the earliest stage (from Nursery), the most qualified teachers and assistants and the highest ratio of staff to children.

Does Upton offer taster days?

We offer taster days throughout the year by mutual agreement.

Is anything additional included in the school fees?

Swimming and swimming coaches, snacks, exercise books and textbooks, football, rugby and cricket coaching, rowing lessons, specialist drama lessons, Mandarin, Spanish and some outings are included in the fees.

Where can we buy uniform?

Uniform can be purchased from Billings & Edmonds in Eton. See our Uniform page for more information.

Does Upton offer scholarships or bursaries?

We offer academic scholarships for entry into Upton from Form 2 and means-tested admissions bursaries for entry into Transition (Reception). We give hardship bursaries to families who may be experiencing financial difficulties, following a successful means-tested application. Bursaries are reviewed annually. Ask the Bursar or the Registrar for details.

What are the destinations of Year 6 leavers?

Year 6 leavers go on to independent schools in the area, boarding schools and grammar schools. Among the independent schools in the last three years were Lady Eleanor Holles, Sir William Perkins’s, The Abbey and St George’s Ascot. Boarding schools have included St Mary’s Ascot, Downe House and St Swithun’s. Grammar schools such as Beaconsfield High, Langley Grammar and St Bernard’s have been popular choices.

Do you prepare pupils for the 11+ examination?

We do much of the preparation for the 11+examination. For the two years leading up to the exam we teach verbal and non-verbal reasoning, practise CATS tests and teach study skills.

I have heard that there are waiting lists for some year groups. How might this affect my child’s application?

There are waiting lists for some year groups. It is best to apply as soon as your decision has been made, at which stage you will join the waiting list. Your application will be acknowledged and our Registrar will then keep you up to date with information about your possible start date.

What are the class sizes like at Upton?

At Upton we average fifteen children in a class. In Reception, Forms 1 and 2, there are full-time teaching assistants working alongside the teachers and in the Prep Department, Years 3 to 6, there are two floating classroom assistants. In every year group the classes may be halved in number for some subjects, including maths, ICT, DT and English. In the Pre-Nursery and the Nursery the ratio moves from 1:4 adults to 1:7.

Is Upton co-educational?

Yes, in the EYFS (ages 2 to 7) and single-sex (from 7 to 11). We follow a very old educational model of co-education in the first stages of schooling followed by single-sex.

What provision is made for the academically more able?

We have a special Gifted and Talented programme. We identify a few of the top mathematically able children in each year group from Year 1 to attend a weekly problem-solving lesson with our specialist teacher. Each term we review those children selected. Very able children in other areas of the curriculum are more easily stretched within the classroom by differentiating their follow-up work.